Friday, July 26, 2013


It's Friday!! It's Friday!! There is just something about Fridays that are so wonderful! I am a stay-at-home mommy and my hubby works retail so Fridays really mean absolutely nothing to us, but there is still something great about Fridays.

I skipped the gym this morning because we all kind of slept in this morning. So we had a nice relaxing morning at home followed by a trip to Target. What is it about that store? Sigh. {Cue Fiddler on the Roof…"If I were a rich {wo}man…."}

Well, here is what you have all been waiting for…my HIGH FIVES for the week! Just so you know I linked up with Lauren! :)


The hubby and I got to have a date night! Love spending some one-on-one time with this guy! 


My sis and her fam stopped by the other night for a visit and I got to cuddle my little Sophia! 


Tried out a new pizza...Chicken Alfredo! It was amazing!


I've been wanting to get Riley a Curious George for a while now since he LOVES him, but did not want to shell out $20 on a stuffed animal. So you can imagine how happy I was when I walked into Kohls and found him for five bucks! Score!


After dinner last night the kiddos and I went to the park followed by a stop at, as Riley calls it, Ol' McDonalds for some ice cream! I just can't get enough of these two! 

There you have it! Some highlights from our week! Hope you had some wonderful moments as well! And please say a prayer for no rain tonight! We are heading to Sun Splash for Aqua Theater night and don't want to get rained out!! :) 

Until next time!

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